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ERP for Training Center | Edulin

ERP for Training Center

Training centers provide added assistance to the students in their studies apart from the school or college. They are specialized in training students to excel them in different type of exams. They help the students from standard one to twelve and also for various competitive preparations like State level competitive exams, IIT, CAT, GMAT, Bank Probationary Officers etc. These types of institutions are on an increasing curve, be it in urban or rural area. Approximately 10 institutions are present in every square kilometer. The number of directors/partners is varied from one to five. In major cases there is one proprietor. This type of business is known as self employed. In most of the cases it has been seen that they are losing focus and business while they were busy with the clerical work for taking fees, handling defaulters, parents and other works. For them automated system, like EDULIN , is very important to manage all important clerical work – saving their time, energy and money. As these are not fully fledged education institutes as such, only few modules will be required for this type of training centers. As EDULIN is 100% customizable, only important things will be extracted and implemented according to the requirement of the training centers.