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Kids School ERP

Nowadays our society, specially the one residing in urban areas, has become very cautious for the education of kids. They have realized that quality basic education can only shape the future of their children. There are 4 kid centric institutions in approximately every square kilometer. The first ladder is known as play school and then kg-1, kg-2 etc. As these institutions are not very big, not many things are required for its management. For these institutions, mainly admission module, fees in finance module and transport module are generally required. In some cases, even the transportation modules are not required as many kids reside very nearer to the school and transportation is made by the guardian or any one of the family member or servants. The number of directors/partners is also very less in these kind of schools. Mostly the members of a single family run one of these kinds of institutions. Hence the major concentration is to run the school smoothly. The owner's main thinking point is replicating the same concept to different locations. This is the simple reason why only the said modules are more important and rest can be ignored. As EDULIN is 100% customizable, only important things will be extracted and implemented according to the requirement of the institution.