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ERP for Group of Institutions | Edulin

ERP for Group of Institutions

In education industry, it is found more often than not, there is a tendency of expanding or replicating the same business model in different geography. One will find many directors/owners who have more than one school/college (group of institutions) under them. In general group of institutions are govern by committee, and almost all the member of committee not among the regular visitors of institutions – they need a system where they can regulate and monitor all the institutes at a time with minimum effort. In such scenario the importance of school management software increases as it provides exactly the same thing. The group of institutions can be easily managed by school ERP software like EDULIN . If the organization is big the challenges is big and to deal with these challenges the tools like school ERP must be implemented. This system can generate transparency, accountability, good management, measurement of each task. The director/owner can check any report at anytime from anywhere online and can take decisions. No one wants to be trapped in small issues/nitty-gritty of every problem. What everyone wants is the result – which helps them to take wise and visionary decisions for future! Implementing a ERP software like EDULIN is just the right kind of start needed for managing group of institutions.