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Edulin Features

We have taken a universal approach that can be implemented from small institutions (like kids school, seminary, training center, primary level) schools to bigger institutions (like colleges, deemed universities or universities). To achieve these goals we have chosen a scientific approach for defining and understanding the three concept course, batches and section.


Course is defined by the syllabus and duration => i.e two different courses will have different syllabus and duration. Two different courses cannot have similar syllabus at same duration. For example:
For Schools => Standard-1, Standard-2, or Standard-9 is a course because it has different syllabus during the time frame of same 1 year.
For Colleges => B.Sc, M.Sc, B.A, M.A, MCA or B.Tech. in Electronics, B.Tech. in Mechanical or MBA in finance, MBA in Marketing are examples of course.


Course Module


Two or more than two group of students can be called as batch, where they pursue same course or other, but with exactly similar routine. For example: For Schools => Same courses like STANDARD-1 may have any number of batches like STANDARD-1-A or STANDARD-1-B and so on.
For Colleges => Different courses like MBA in Finance (MBA in Finance 1st semester, MBA in Finance 2nd semester) or in CSE (or in CSE 1st semester, or in CSE 2nd semester) are batches.


In this module we have put the work flow for management of these three concepts in innovative and intelligent way. One more important concept used in the module is batch transfer, It has two meanings one is from one batch to another and other from one course to another.
For example: a student can be promoted to STANDARD-1 to STANDARD-2 and at the same time it can be transferred from one batch to another like STANDARD-1-A to STANDARD-1-B.


Student Module


This module deals with all the information of a student starting from the student's admission process to student's transfer from the institution. It also have database for all the information of the former students or alumni.
The processes for this module are pre-admission, short listing and then final admission to the institutions. Recording all the information is needed for student's profile. The element of information needed while admission can be increased as per the requirement from add admission additional details section.
Multiple guardian, previous schooling information, marks, subjects and other data's can be added from the admission form. In place like India student's category is important for giving the required preferences. For example PH(Physically Handicapped), SC/ST on caste basis or on the basis of economical challenges.
The functioning of this module is important because the major source of revenue is student.


In any type of institution attendance is very important and directly affects the progressive path of the institution. Two things are included in the basic module -one is attendance register and other attendance report. The attendance register is nothing but similar to a traditional hard copy of attendance register. In the column it includes the active days for attendance and in the row the name of student for particular batch. The reason of absence of any student can be recorded by clicking any cell (each cell represents a day).
Attendance report shows the number of days present or absent for each student in particular batch. Similar necessary reports can be easily generated from this section.
In the advance system we can implement bio-metric or finger swipe machines for ease of use. Each student or staff can be provided a card through which all the entry/exit logs will be maintained from back-end.
So, our school management software has all the options available according to the applicability of your institutions.


Attendance Module


Timetable Module


Creating a timetable has always been a very complicated process because there are many factors which need to be taken care while making a time table such as the scheduling, availability of a teacher, under utilization or over utilization of a staff etc. The flow for timetable creation => Week day creation → Setting class timings → Create, Modify, View timetable. On the other hand work allotment for teacher and teacher's timetable can be managed separately.


For any business activity, cash flow is major concern for growth and sustainability. In Edulin's finance module, the core focuses are on fees management, employee pay-slip management, donations, management of asset & liability and income/expense management.
Transactions details and reports can be generated and viewed/downloaded on just one click of a mouse. Admin can compare two different reports for different timings. It can be shown in bar graph or pie chart.
In fees management, it has category, particular and discount. For example category means Annual fees, it can have different particular like admission fees, session fees, library fees and so on. Discount can be in fixed amount or percentage amount and applied either for all students or for student's category or for particular admission number. Fees can be submitted either by each student or batch wise. The instant fees option is very fast and smooth. Fees defaulters can easily be tracked on a single click.


Finance Module


HR Module


One of the main mantra of every business's success today is utilizing and maintaining the resources efficiently. The hierarchy system is important for the process of work – the lower ranked profile is accountable to its upper ranked profile.
Every employee will be getting the login panel with restricted options, like someone who is responsible for admission gets student panel, the finance part will be for account section, library is for librarian, hostel for hostel warden, transport for transport section. Similarly the particular modules will be given to the concerned staff. Human resource module is for HR department, Inventory module for store in-charge, examination module is for Exam Cell. There is a master admin panel, where each module can be accessed. There is user module which is used to assign permission for particular staff.


In educational institutions, exam is used as a tool to check the quality of teaching and as well as that of students. It plays key role to measure the real position of institute. It can be used as a wakeup call for the change needed in the way the school/college define the study path. There are four important things in our examination module-
1. Setting => Helps to manage grading level, class designation and ranking levels.
2. Exam Management => Helps to create exam and assigning marks or grade point for students.
3. Generating report => Helps in generating the different types of reports.
4. Report center => Where all types of report can be analyzed.


Examination Module


Library Module


A rich and prosperous library is the mirror of healthy institution.
All the functions like tagging, maximum book allowed student category wise or staff department wise, book management, search book, issue book, return book, book renewal, movement log etc. can easily be maintained through EDULIN. It provides hassle free and automated integrated approach for every need of the business.


Hostel is mandatory for some of the institutions.
The major points for management are details of rooms, allocation of rooms, warden details and the management of accounts such as creation of fees collection, fees payment and defaulters.
Other details like transfer of room from one to another etc. can be easily managed by EDULIN.


Hostel Module


Transport Module


Another simple and effective module . It takes care of setting the route details, fare in accordance of route, vehicle details. It also manages the assignment of transport for student/staff and maintaining the log for it.
One can also change the details as and when required. This module can track the transport fee defaulters easily.


For all institutions, inventory is major module as it covers the stock details of each item bought for an institution. In this module the fundamentals of inventory is incorporated, like creating purchase order (P.O.), indent, GRN (good receipt number) store item, supplier and supplier details.
From stock management to billing, every facility is provided in this software. This module is created in simple way by keeping the important facilities intact.


Inventory Module


Calender Module


This module is nothing but the simple event management module. It is equipped with very simple calendar where event can be added, viewed, edited and deleted.
Each cell of the calendar is clickable and it asks for event creation. Multi-day event can also be added by giving the name, start date and end date information. For better understanding description can be used.