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Edulin Edge - School Management Software and School Management System

The Edulin Edge

EDULIN is a powerful and user-friendly School Software ERP System. This software helps you to easily manage your students, teachers, staff and more in your school. All the functions like student enquiries, admissions, registration, fees collection, timetable, library, payroll,examination, and canteen can be best managed by using this software. This is the one software that you will ever need to manage your whole school or educational institute.

There are two ways to manage an institute=>

a) Traditional or Conventional Way

b) Untraditional or Unconventional way

On one hand EDULIN does not miss out on traditional ways, it also introduces some nontraditional and out of the box ways to manage an institute.This is the beauty and USP of EDULIN.


All the traditional stuffs which are required to manage a educational institute are taken care by EDULIN. Edulin provides every thing which is required to manage an institute – starting from student's admission, their details, timetables, attendance, examinations,hostels, library, transport etc.It handles the finance and HR part so deligently that there is absolute zero percent chance of any cent missing or any accounting mistake.It is so easy and smooth that you will never feel like managing an institute as a burden. For more details on how we work- please request for a demo which is absolutely free. VIEW DEMO


The traditional approach is followed from decades, the only difference being they were manually done and we are making the same concepts more automatic and easy and putting it in a convenient way. However EDULIN does not stop here. It stretches itself beyond the traditional way. With change of time and generation, EDULIN has evolved itself so that it can best suit to the need of the students as well as institutes. So here is how we are different from most others:

1. Attendance =>

Taking attendance and making inputs into registers (or into computers) has always been a pain point for most of the institute teachers/professors. Since this is very important for institutes to maintain these records, they can not ignore it and have to follow the traditional approach even though it takes a hell lot of time and energy.EDULIN gives a smart solution to this life long edging problem. EDULIN integrates a smart fingerprint kit which can be fixed outside the main entrance of the institute (or a class depending on institute's decision). Whenever a student enters an institute, through his finger print, the attendance will be automatically marked – no hand work, no time waste and absolutely no proxies.

2. Online Fees Payment option =>

It has always been a concern for parents to pay fees within the due date by visiting the institute or by visiting a bank.This again is an additional work for parents.Nowadays, parents do online shopping, online bookings, online payments and many more things directly online – but what they are unable to do is to pay their children's fee online. EDULIN provides an option for online payment of fees with country's most secure payment gateways (such as ccavenue). Not only this, EDULIN also provides an option for the parents to have an EMI, so that the fees is automatically deducted from their account every month at a particular date. So no hassle, no queue and easy and safe payment !!

3. Shared Drive =>

The more we share our knowledge and expertise, the more it benefits to all of us. EDULIN provides a shared drive (basically a shared online space) where students,teachers or institutes can share their materials,notes,thoughts and ideas.This initiative keeps every student benefited from each other.

4. Monthly Reports =>

Every parents are concerned about their children. They want to know about how his/her child is performing in the class which is often neglected due to today's busy lifestyle. To solve this problem, EDULIN will generate scheduled monthly report of each student and will send them to their parents electronically which will include the performance parameters of their children. This will be of great advantage to the parents as well institutes to keep a track of every individual's performance.

5. Social Media =>

In a age of social media, if a student is untouched by it, he/she will lose out on the edge of many developing things around the world.Social media have study groups and materials which are of much importance to every student. EDULIN provides a restricted social media opening for all the students so that they can take benefit out of it.

6. Feedback mechanism =>

In traditional way of managing a school,a student or sometimes even parents are lost when it comes to giving feedbacks. They don't understand who is the correct person to approach. Suppose, a student want to lodge a complaint against his/her teacher – he will never be able to because he/she does not know whom to approach – ultimately he/she give up and leads to disastrous results of the student as well institute. EDULIN provides a standardized feedback mechanism which will be easy to use for all.