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ERP for Colleges

Generally college is the institutions which deals with graduation, post-graduation, PHD, doctorate and higher studies. Colleges are more in urban areas as compared to rural one. In colleges, school management software is very essential as they face much more daily issues as well as legal issues than that of the small institutions; each college has to follow the guidelines from government or its affiliates. They have their own rule book, the implementation of which is most important than anything else. There are many responsibilities for such organization; some of the sensitive responsibility is placement and maintaining discipline. All these are not possible without an automated, integrated and scientific approach. Again as for schools, same goes with colleges – owners/directors need to focus more on the larger picture, i.e how their college in performing and how to improve the quality of their college education, rather than indulging in small factors/daily problems of the college. If one implements EDULIN , school management software in its college, this software assures that all the daily problems will be automatically reduced and the directors/owners will feel empowered. Almost all the modules are important for such colleges, depending upon the size and way of implementation. As EDULIN is 100% customizable, only the modules required by the institute will be implemented as per their need.