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Edulin:Unique Fees Designing Methodology For Schools - Edulin Blog

Edulin:Unique Fees Designing Methodology For Schools

 25-03-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

The main motive behind creating EDULIN is always providing a unique & user friendly management kit for the schools. In any type of institution there is always a necessity of a clear report of the state of affairs. An instant report of every section is one of the mandatory processes that are needed to maintain a well managed business. Handling heavy files and lots of paper work for keeping records were always a lengthy and clumsy process, due to which a lot of time and manual effort were wasted. In spite of such efforts, problems like record missing, limited stock of data storage, lack of analysis from history records etc took place. A major part of the schooling business stands on the funds retained from fees system, and to have a sustainable business the scenario of the fees structure must be delegated to a unique method.

EDULIN: unique fees designing methodology for schools

EDULIN: unique fees designing methodology for schools

What makes it unique ?

EDULIN is a smart solution for an automatic process of managing schools, colleges, universities, institutions etc. its efficiency helps in saving needful time of the management which were put in manual work. It is always ready to provide an overview of the statements instantly to the user, and for which no extra effort is needed as it automatically keeps itself clarified with results based on inputted data's.

Managing fees was never an easy task especially in those schools which includes different types of heads or categories in their system. Any matter of refund brings in problems like finding history records so as to find refundable amount with reference of past transactions. But now it has been replaced with a single click in the fees panel, all payment dues, discounts etc is an instant solution to the user with the help of EDULIN

When a student's data is inputted it streamlines it continuously with every update. Any kind of default in collection will be displayed in defaulter's category along with past details, which saves a lot of time. Collection of fees as per required categories is made easy with anytime customizing process. It also incorporate options for fees collection at a time, partial payment type etc, and adjusts it as per data keeping method followed by the respective institute. Fees collection panel which specially designed for creating new fees collecting dates as per requirements anytime helps in specifying the deadline of fees submission and redirects to fees submission panel to show defaulters with late fine.

The distinctive design methodology of EDULIN is innovated to provide an empowering administration to the business owners. The unique combination of handling fees categories, particulars and discounts makes it powerful and robust.