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The Quality Imperative

 30-04-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Quality Education is not an easy concept to be entitled. At the same time when we are discussing a quality education for all our learners it is important to include teaching issues as well. Quality determines how much and how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates into a range of personal, social and developmental benefits. According to educational research it has been found that basically there are hardly such institutions which put efforts on quality of the education they provide, as from the economic point of view many schools finds it difficult rather costly to manage skills or strategies to be involved. In this scenario our motive is to guide those organizations which attempt in improving the quality of education easier and better.


Following are some issues which directly impact on teaching and learning:

  • Suited goals-
  • Specifying set of aims for the session is as important as setting the syllabus to be taught. Over that predefined steps to balance them is the major part to be looked after. Describing what learners should learn and why is necessary for better approach towards them from the management. And proper system will help in diversifying the cycle of providing quality education.

  • Subject balance –
  • Preparing a plan over how every subjects to be defined and be emphasized will help in messing up of predetermined teachables. Teachers should manage this with inputting regular reports on their respective subjects, like in how many are taught and the time allotted to each etc. and this will give an overall report or survey of what are actually covered by them in total.

  • Student's skill check –
  • Now as teacher's responsibility is to deliver knowledge similarly learner's responsibility is to give proper feedback to make sure how much they are learning actually. With the technological advances these issues have become sorted in smarter and interest drawing ways now as in smart audio visual quiz session, online quiz books of respective schools(only accessible with proper student ID) which will be more flexible for them as they will be connected to cloud server and will be able to access anytime from anywhere. Not only this, students should be motivated with reward points in their academic performances too. Regular assessment is a key to improving learning achievement. The goals are to give learners feedback and improve learning and teaching practices. Formative assessment is needed as a complement to formal examinations.

  • Managing personnel-
  • All the procedures mentioned above need to be maintained under an efficient and smart system which is able to track all sections of functioning of an organization so that it can deliver all versatile feedback to the skilled management personnel who will study over all matters.

    We look forward for best solutions in development of any educational organization and we believe that all our schools can be such places where children of different abilities develop, learn and grow together.