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Teachers need of quality feedback - Edulin Blog

Teachers need of quality feedback

 23-04-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

In this advanced generation communication and feedback has become an significant factor contributing to learning and improvement for students as well as teachers. As proper look after is important for student rowth and development in the same way it is important for the teacher to keep on upgrading as a learner through quality feedback from supervisors regarding instruction methods, classroom management, student engagement, questioning techniques, and so on has a key role to play in teacher development and improvement. A survey on all over teaching performance will help the management in yielding constructive educational process based on comprehensive appraisal of learning and teaching in the classrooms effectively. Even this new trend will bring in recognition to teachers in spreading good practices through their school and beyond.



Truly said, “The best teachers teach from the heart not from the book". Better teachers are the key to producing higher performing students, an effective teacher inbuilt a better student. Studies say that students with a highly effective teacher learn twice as much as students with a less effective teacher. Appraising teachers and proper feedback significantly improves teachers' understanding of their teaching methods, practices and student learning as well.

Teachers are the most important resource in the education sector. To bring in development in this the management has to put in a teachers' performance appraisal process in terms of satisfactory performance reviews. Teachers also want to be motivated, and to do so meaningful appraisal strongly linked to development must be introduced to them. This would automatically upgrade to satisfactory performance in schools administrative process and even in individual development goals of a teacher also.