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Edulin: software as a service

 25-04-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Software is prevalent in today's business world, software applications help us in every field today, and even education sector has also been invaded with its need and efficiency to accomplish tasks quickly and accurately. In past years it has seen schooling business are managed with old traditional manual process, but in recent times traditional software license purchases have begun to be implemented as many educational institutes have migrated at a software as a service business model. Software as a service is application with the help of which the management is provided with a web based application software and then hosts operate the application over the internet for the use of other employees. No need for different license for multiple users or additional infrastructure equipment for using the software. In short ‘SaaS', or ‘Software as a Service', describes when users ‘rent' or borrow online software instead of actually purchasing and installing it on their own computers.



Process of Implementing the ERP–

  • Module Selection –
  • Edulin comes with a complete solution for every need of managing educational institutions. It has twelve modules with specific and versatile functionalities. Modules include Courses, Students, Aattendance, Finance, Examination, Timetable, Human Resourse, Hostel, Library, Transport, Inventory etc. The school or colleges needs to select the modules as per their requirement and implementation.

  • Functionality selection –
  • Once the selection of modules done, functions of each module to be selected and categorized. It may be the case that user can select some functions from of one module to be implemented in other module. This also defines the flow of operation from one department to other. The process flow is integral part of system.

  • Agreement –
  • This is important phase of implementation, this includes terms conditions, agreement timing, software analysis report, data flow diagram and other requirements if any. Both parties agreed and the work starts from here on.

  • Customization –
  • Each educational organization is unique in its style of operation, so some functions may have to be added or subtracted. This known as customization. Our software is 100% customizable and very flexible in all respect. There are some unique functions like GPS tracking system in transport or advertisement manipulation as per the revenue booster reports.

  • Testing & Client Training –
  • Now after the customization process whatever changes are done, for checking their proper accessibility the software is run through a test by the testing team of EDULIN. Then the client will be given proper training and space so that they can run their own set of tests to understand the whole system. This includes all departments including management team and principal.

  • Implementation –
  • In implementation of the software step by step or phase wise process is followed. At first it is implemented to the admission department as basically admission is the first step of inputting data then it is forwarded to accounts department connecting to several other departments like Library, Transport, Hotel, Stock Department, Security Department etc. and finally to the Management provided several user segments and process flow so as to keep connected to all departments.

  • Ready to Launch-
  • Now the launch process will be started in phases. First and foremost the admission department will be activated to fill the master data. Here courses, batches and sections with students loaded to system. Afterwards the process flow forwarded to accounts departments where fees heads and subheads incorporated into the system. And then to transport, library, stock department and several other departments if any. Thus the administration is fully equipped to act accordingly. Finally share holder and management will be given the full authority to manage the flow and control. Now students and other staffs can also have the privilege to take part in the system.

  • Monitoring System-
  • We keep on monitoring the system for data back and error handling with different type of tracking system and reports.

    Thus we are ready to have secure, efficient and full proof system with us.