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Social Media Tools for Schools

 25-06-2015    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Social media has become the first priority of a business owner for publishing, sharing and engaging his brand. But it is a challenge for an entrepreneur to manage multiple social media websites simultaneously. Moreover, after wasting a large time here marketer are not able to get a sharp report of the impact of social media has on the business. For monitoring social media accounts, scheduling posts and getting reports a single window interface is essential and it is known as social media tools, e.g. hootsuite, sproutsocial, buffer etc.


It is a social media management system. The system's user interface takes form of a dashboard and syncs with twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Four Square, My Space, Trend Spotter etc. You can deal with big data easily, create well defined, customised reports showing the actual impact of social media has on your business. You may not know the best time to schedule social media sites, but hoot suite does. Its auto scheduler pin points the perfect time for reach of your posts. Hootsuite supports mobile app for android, ipad and iphone.

Commercials: It provides free basic service but require payment for additional features.

Social Media Tools for Schools


It has a dashboard interface system as Hoot Suite. It syncs with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Zend Desk and User Voice. Its inbox features aggregates all interaction and make monitoring easy. It is enabled with analytic, customisable options.

Commercials: There is 30 days of free trial plan and after that you have to choose from 3 pricing tiers.

Social Media Tools for Schools


It works similar to Hoot Suite or Sprout Social, it has similar dashboard interface which syncs with social media website. Here time zone can be selected and scheduled, Buffer will make sure posts are sent out even when you are asleep or not in touch of computer. Buffer makes it super easy to share great contents from any where on the web with just one click.
Commercials: It provide free trial and ask for some amount for pro version.

Social Media Tools for Schools


It is an easy and free way to share your life activities. Any customised picture, video posted on instagram can be shared instantly on facebook, twitter, tumbler and more. Instagram monitoring services (like, instadesk and curalate) are also available but any 3rd apps is not allowed to post to the services. Monitoring and uploading to instagram directly on the app from your mobile device is recommended.
These services has been adopted by many business schools and we are helping them to do so. Although these services are easily available but to use them efficiently is a greater challenge without any help of professionals. We recommend to contact some professional or someone who has spent some quality on these tools.
Our best wishes for you.