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Social Learning

 16-04-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

From the beginning times human being has learned to develop itself social, seeking and knowing from company of others, their views, opinions, wisdom and so on. So, there always an interactive environment needed to learn and develop more and more. Social learning seems to have taken its own existence recently. It has much to do with but still it is not explained to increased interest especially in case of its beneficial uses. It is just another source of spreading learning development process.



The impact of technology has brought a drastic change in traditional process of learning, communication or development. Back in the 80s, when people had to gather any information or communicate in distant places they had to go through a wide process like pop in colleague's office, use post for written communication etc. but IT advancements today has benefited us with email, Google, wikis and other such in easiest and fastest modes. Due to such the learners crowd have a vast array of sources to choose their individual source of interest.

The electronic brainstorming is off-putting them from regular and traditional methods of learning and development. Taking smart steps in innovating the traditional process with the help of technology is the only way to scrutinize them in their means of interest, and to build or enhance capabilities, behaviors and belief in knowledge.

The social learning tools that we are benefited with allow us to do the same things that we are being doing previously from years, only better, faster and cheaper. By accessing sources of social learning, people not only have the opportunity to gain expert insights but also to expose themselves to ideas and viewpoints they would not normally encounter.

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