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School Operational Architechture

 16-06-2015    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Operation management is a major function of any organisation and play the most vital role for running any enterprise either very big or very small. It is a set of activities that create value in the form of goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs. Its important to study how people organise themselves in their business sector.

We approach operation by examining the impact of management decisions on the day to day running of a company and vice versa i.e. how the daily working affect management decisions.

Particularising our discussions on educational institutes, the operations for implementations are course management, student management, Examination management, Transport, Finance(viz. fees, salary, expenses, income etc.), hostel, library, timetable, attendance, event management and specially Human Resource Management. These are the challenging operations required to be managed efficiently.

School Operational Architechture


A school generally have 4 departments, Administrative Department, HR department, Account Department, Teaching Department. The fundamental challenges in managing resources in different departments are- resource effectiveness, change in management, leadership effectiveness, learning and development, flexibility (domain wise or location wise) etc.

  I swear this is true. Anything that is measured and watched, improves.

BOB PARSON, Owner of Godaddy

Actually, operations management is mainly based upon the game of three pawns- time, price and quality. The only target is to invest less time less price and produce best quality product. But to get over discussed operations is off course a difficult task. When it is time to deliver report card, generally students come across the statement from their class teacher regarding the delay of it. At the time of admission and fees payment shouting crown is created. To search a student who had not return his library book, sometimes becomes a critical case, it causes the loss of book to school. Absence of well course teaching planning results to incomplete syllabi this spread the in-fame of the institute. These states of difficulties and problems curb the progress of institutes and indeed requires modifications and simplifications.

To resolve these problems we bring forth our ERP which is the only sheet anchor for any educational management. These challenges can be accomplished by monitoring the each step of operation carefully, the idle resource can be utilised in other departments or processes. We can pay extra in accordance to the percentage of utilisation of resource. We can create an application to measure the utility of particular resource. Like in Teaching staff there are teachers who have given more time and effort. We should reward these resources monthly basis because profit, quality and longevity is directly proportion to resource utilisation.