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Run ERP in Offline Mode

 12-06-2015    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

In past centuries we are used to work offline for all our needs and necessities.In other words offline working principle was our need not choice.But this methodology was quite limited.An individual running any type of business is not able to set out another branch at a far distance,moreover there is a big probability of scam in offline way and the biggest problem with this method is,it demands huge labour and gifts small favour. these problems,in fact,gave birth to new way of working and that is online.

Now, the age old system of keeping records in voluminous registers and files is gradually making way for computer based data processing i.e. online working. Records and data stored inside computer can be retrieved in a second by simply pressing a button. Just one click is beyond measure for large outcome. Thus, it can accomplish otherwise time consuming tasks instantly. Because of its benefits it is now extensively used in banks, offices, shops, laboratories, hospitals etc. It finds use in railways and airline offices for booking and reserving tickets. Computer based tele-communications networks set links instantly with any part of the world in seconds. In the business sector, an entrepreneur cant think of enterprise without internet. Researches show that in last decade online working has made its increment by 86%, 67% and 43% approximately in America, China and India respectively. Few years back smart phones or tablets were known for luxury but due to rapid growth of internet it has become a necessary tool for all type of communication not only for business but also for personal usage.

Run ERP in Offline Mode


But again,unfortunately,this methodology also failed to keep itself beyond its dark side.There can be times when a network connection is not available because of location,power supply,cloudy weather etc. And here we come into the picture, we are having a unique solution to this problem. We maintain two replica of same software one in the local server and other in cloud server. Once the internet is disconnected for some reason the software switches itself automatically to local data server and runs without any hindrances. The software is designed in such a way that it is connected to cloud data server. The same can be accomplished by keeping the XML format of data.