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Old but Innovative Model-What is the need of the hour in the education sector? - Edulin Blog

Old but Innovative Model-What is the need of the hour in the education sector?

 15-11-2013    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

In business, concepts are generally same for same kind of industry. Then the question is how you can make a difference and run and replicate same business concept in a successful way.Three factors are absolutely necessary to create a difference–

  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Innovation

Old but Innovative Model

If we take the example of education institutes (same business concept) to elaborate our point here is how these factors help:

  1. Quality:
  2. A principal in a school is the busiest person –considering the fact he has to manage everyone's problem starting from peon, teachers, student, staffs to parents. He/she hardly gets time to think of improving the quality of education in their institute. What they needs is a system on which he can rely on and can delegate their works. This will give them time to go to the drawing board and think of education quality.

  3. Accountability:
  4. Unlike old trends and days, the guardians target the school authorities for anything happening to their ward or their ward's education. The management of the education institute are fully responsible and accountable to clarify all the queries of the guardians. With huge number of students in an institute, it is very difficult for management to handle everything from accounts to profitability. The business which tackles their customer in efficient way will lead the market; to do this the management had to understand the power of accountability.

  5. Innovation:
  6. Where there is no innovation, there is no success. With time one has to focus on innovation and their processes have to be in line with changing technologies. If this does not happen, there is a high risk of a new man entering their business field with super new technologies and processes and take away all your business.

All these factors are completely missing from 90% of education institutes in this business. There is a good hierarchy system but practically they are implemented in worst way. All they need is a good software/system which can manage most of their manual works without any loopholes. EDULIN provides such kind of education institute management software which can be used from primary schools, colleges to huge universities – absolutely customizable and integrated completely hassle free!

You will feel empowered once you implement EDULIN in your institute.