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Mechanical Approach

 21-03-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Rapid changes in the technological world has blessed us with several helping hands around us in almost every field. . Any business processed with technology undoubtedly leads to upgradation. Flourishing growth in the education sector is providing a sustainable opportunity to the developing managements of educational institutes in today's world.

Let us start with the meaning of business, it starts with very small and limited resources and grows to the next and next level and to MNC(Multi National Company). To do so mainly 3 things are important-

  1.   Scalability

  2.   Long Vision

  3.   Replication

To achieve all this one need technology with skills. We are very lucky we have in recent time unlike the ancient history. In ancient time management for Kings was never an easy task in all areas including security, administration, distribution of funds and etc. Still there are many who afraid to use it, but as time progresses they will have to use it.

In the start of 90's human kind was afraid to adapt the new system for many reasons, now the same human appreciating, needing and using it. Business runs by two M's one is Machine and other is Man.

It is said that machine can be replaced but not the man power. Machine always empowers man, then why don't we start depending on machine power as well? In some cases we find problems may be found in minor places while maintaining huge systems, if we delegate our work to machines it will help us to track errors instantly & effectively ensuring us with an errorless result. Not only error less, technology has proved itself in ample ways that it always maintain itself with transparency, to maintain a proper process transparency in system helps in building healthy relations as well.

Especially for educational institutions, daily work like, attendance, class schedule, library systems, transport, internal communication system etc is huge task without technology. Technology empowers the system and leads to fast, secure, reliable and transparent.