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Handling Emergency In Schools

 12-08-2015    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

'Ti's imperative that schools,colleges and other respective authorities modify, advance and update their emergency procedures after being acquainted and experienced with recent tornadoes and other critical emergencies like fire, sudden blasts and unexpected harmful reactions in laboratory, bomb threat,missing child case,suicide committed by students, aggressive students fighting and many other medical emergencies.

For assurance of safety of all staff, students and school community during emergency schools must have the latest emergency plan and test emergency arrangements periodically to ensure that everyone learns and indeed can work on emergency protocols in need. Properly train the students, staff and school visitors so that they can take proper movements and actions just before, during and after the emergency event.

Our point-wise below discussion on emergency procedures would substantially help our brand users and blog readers::



  • After making a fast and feasible consultant with superintendent the principle should immediately announce whether or not to evacuate the institute.If it is decided to evacuate the institute then strictly keep discipline in your control, any mess or crowd which may lead to extra difficulties, should not be created.After leaving make sure that all doors and windows are closed. At least two drills related with evacuation should be performed annually.

  • Per year, at least two tornado safety drills must be performed.Besides tornado watch(forecasting the change of tornadoes in a big region)and weather alert radio(for notifying the personnel about the severe conditions) should be set up.

  • A minimum of four fire drills should be conducted at regular intervals.If you discover a fire, immediately operate nearest fire alarm call-point.All personnel leave the building during a drill.Close all windows and doors of room and turn out lights ,beforing making the exit make sure that any disabled student requiring assistance are being assisted properly.

  • It is the procedure under which students and staff are restricted to the interior of the building due to a threat outside the building.In this case there should be proper arrangements to inform students and staff about the current situation, preferably every 15 minutes.A minimum of two such drills should be performed every year.

  • To avoid these type of incidents, management should make arrangement under which kids should be allowed to exit the school along with their guardian only, not alone.While leaving the school, the school bus driver must properly count whether all the students are present there or not.Schools should enforce students to use GPS enabled school bags and GPS enabled watches which finds exact location of the student.

  • Students and staff might experience medical emergency situation because of injuries, complications of chronic health conditions or unexpected major illness. So, a specific medical department should be arranged, adorned with emergency medicines and a medical expert. Institutes should also keep a private ambulance in their premises.

  • In recent time this has become one major challenges for school security. This can be controlled by three way one is to open the gate only at opening and closing of school, second the school should have to be equipped with close circuit television(CCTV) and lastly emergency bomb squad.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, [1] is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest. It is indicated in those who are unresponsive with no breathing or abnormal breathing, for example, agonal respirations.

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