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EDULIN- Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) - Edulin Blog

Facts one need to know about EDULIN- Frequently Asked Questions

 15-11-2013    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog


1- What is EDULIN?

Edulin is software application which helps in managing different type of education institutes – from kid schools, primary and secondary schools to colleges and large universities. It is completely integrated,comprehensive and highly customizable software application. It has been built after rigorous research of the difficulties faced by institution's management, teachers/staff of different department, student and the guardian.There are various things which our team has taken care of.

i. Institution's management –

Running an organization like school, universities or even tutorial centers is a challenging job because of many processes involved between – starting from admissions to transfer of students from institutions. These complications in process misguides the management from their core business which results in the loss of not only valuable reputation nut also revenue.

ii. Teachers/Staff –

In today's world the biggest asset of any company is human resource. This is the backbone of the organization. The management has to apply the technique through which the HR will filter out the unnecessary work. This will help the teachers and staffs to add their valuable time in quality works.

iii. Student –

For an institute to be successful, the performance of it's student is the only criteria which can help the institute to stand out in the crowd of thousands. Handling the student in proven scientific way is the demand of the situation. Edulin can solve this problem with ease.

iv. Parents –

The involvement of parents in the performance of student automatically creates effective and fruitful results. So management should create an environment where all the three (Teachers, student and parent) can communicate with ease.

Edulin is not only a system but an environment for transparent interaction and management of all the institutional activities.

2- Who built this application?

The name of the parent company of Edulin is WEBTECH SOLUTIONS. It has hundreds of clients from all over the world. The head office of this software company is in Kolkata,India. It deals with the online application development.
Webtech Solutions have expertise in the field of banking, core inventory, medical, transport, e-commerce and many more.

3- Is there any special skill required to handle the software?

Edulin is a very light and easy to understand. As an ERP it has various different modules which are integrated in one package. It can be learned by anyone who has basic idea of operating computer and internet.

As it is a big software so we recommend to invest at least 15 days dedicated for the training. Our team will train you in modular fashion.

4- What are the technologies used in Edulin?

The fundamental application is built with PHP as scripting language and MYSQL as database. The database can be changed to Oracle or any other database as per requirement.

5- Is it applicable only for schools or what are its applicability?

Edulin is built to give solutions to the educational institutes. It is cannot be confined to only schools. From big universities to small tutorial coaching classes, any educational institution can customize it according to its mode of working style.

Edulin is a complete software – It has all the different modules which can solve any problem of even a big university. However, for small institutes, we provide customized Edulin software according to the need and size of the institute.The power of customization drives it to fit in all requirements for all.

6- Is it possible to have a demo installation for educational institutions?

Yes absolutely. Anyone who is interested in EDULIN and want to check how it works for their organization can have an access to the trial ir demo version of edulin.For testing/learning purpose we have shared a demo link to our server. Please request the demo from here Request free demo

7- How to become partner of Edulin?

As a growing organization we welcome everyone who is interested in joining hands with us. Please contact us for more details – Contact Us

8- Is there any refund policy?

If any organization is not satisfied with our service or product, it can ask for the refund of the whole fees within a month. Before we accomplish the work for any institutions we bound into a contract which is agreed by both parties. We are an organization who believes in customer centric approach. We do business for profit but our first aim is satisfaction of the client.

9- I own multiple institutes. How to install it in multiple institutes for a signle owner ?

Edulin has a master panel through which multiple institutions can be linked to one single owner. This software support any number of management/ staff login panel, students, courses, batches and sections. We provide the software package as a whole irrespective of any numbers.

10- How EDULIN will provide support after installation?

Edulin provides three types of supports – by Email/Tickets, by phone and onsite support in case of training purposes. We have built this software keeping highest level of quality in mind and to ensure that you face minimal problems.

11- What are the training procedure for the software?

After having an agreement with the client,the training process schedule will be fixed.The institute have to make a small team who will work on the software in future. We will train them on scheduled dates. This training undergoes three levels:

i. We share the fundamentals of the software for better understanding of core functionalities of the modules. Some supportive documents and videos will be given to study.

ii. We show some demo entries and flow of the software. And let you experiment the software for 2-3 days.

iii. In the final slot we will discuss some functionality and it implementation. In short this session will be the question and answer session. And we will conduct a small test to check the understanding.

12- Is customization possible for the software?

Yes. EDULIN is highly customizable package. It is like a fluid which can gain any shape when required.