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Events:The Key Promotion Strategy

 21-04-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Promoting schools was always been a necessary procedure in development of schools whether in terms of business or education. As we know schooling business is tough to be handled in terms of marketing and in such, promotional activities are an important media for conveyance of the changes or innovations brought up to provide better services. Promoting your school is a great way of emphasizing your school advantages and what exceptional learning opportunities put your school apart from other similar schools.

Here are some ideas that may be worth applying for your schools::



Teacher -Led Gabfest

Hosting a promotional event discussing the educational process and other elaborations like how and through what steps do the teachers keep their students interested in learning inside the classrooms. Students progress reports, discussions on students that have excelled in the school. Speeches by those students to motivate other students as well as helping them with different issues that benefits them in improvement in their regular academics. Also sharing their experiences on what they have learned and the enjoyments they have in extracurricular activities will generate interests among the audience and create worthwhile thoughts towards your promotional materials of the event. If possible use of advertisements such as in publications like in newspapers or commercials on local network etc will draw attention of parents not only from your school belongings but also outsiders too in your school's event.

Rock fest events

Musical, dramatic events usually are of great attractions to students and parents also. Putting on these events not only showcases your schools activeness but also provides an opportunity to the students to show off their talents. From this your school can be benefitted with talented students forming school's band and dancers representing your schools even on joint events in interschool's spreading your schools popularity as well. For instance, they could definitely be your schools art and culture promotional medium.

Raffles and charitable events

Raising money for charitable causes like “help age India" and other such by community donations from school raffling will held a charity and promotional event both together. Gear up with some cultural performances by the pursuing and preceding students will visualize it to a creative charity event gaining support from the community now and in the future.