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Edulin: Unique Selling Point

 23-04-2014    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

As we already know EDULIN is a School Management software which focuses on the automation of schooling business by technologies and innovation. Which helps school in every aspects like admission, Exam, Timetable, Finance, Human Resource, Library, Transport, Inventory, Module, Events etc. Every individual related to schools will be integrated in a smart way. Accountability of anyone can be measured and checked by the top authority based on the figures and facts. Now, when it comes to its uniqueness compared to other similar products we are here to discuss some distinct features or unique selling points of EDULIN.



  • EDULIN is a versatile software with different modules as per different organizational needs, i.e. from kids to universities, and also customizable as per requirements of the user. It provides several options as compared to other similar products which make it more easy and user-friendly to use.
  • As in many cases of community trusts that run several franchisees of a similar business module, it is a problem for them to look after the affairs of every branch at a glance. But EDULIN makes it possible by providing one dashboard to multiple schools. Simply, multi-schools can be run from one installation.
  • EDULIN supports itself with every latest technology system involved in advanced organizational management process like GPS (Global Positioning System), bio-metric devices etc.
  • To achieve transparency, efficiency and effectiveness proper hierarchy system with different authentication is essential. The control flow of the whole operation is from top to bottom.

  • Anytime anywhere approach with proper reporting system which not only help to run the organization but improves the future of it by presenting some unique solutions. Reports like number of students who left the school after admission or the type of students or the list by geographical area. The rate of change for the sales of admission form is key to understand the popularity of the schools. The various reports for boosting the revenue of the schools like the number of filled batches as compared to previous batches.

    We also have a system through which a schools can figure out the advertisement cost and maximum conversion. Like the add in different newspaper and corresponding conversions or hoarding or banner of different area and converted students from these area. These things will evaluate the conversion ratio and help to find which add to continue.

    At the last what we suggest is you have to use the system which understands your business not only one way but in almost all ways, either of administration management or advertisement . This is the whole system which inspire you and your team to go beyond. Thank you.