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Come & Join

 06-06-2015    posted by Edulin    Edulin Blog

Where need ends innovation begins. Edulin is the source of most innovative and really convenient way for the run of our one of the biggest need, education. We offer a completely integrated, comprehensive and quality approach to manage educational institute. It is the unique application in today's market which demands minimum time, minimum money, minimum labour and rewards maximum favour.

Edulin aims to bring home the bacon by spreading the perfume of quality education in real innovative and effective way. For this great purpose we earnestly invite all the respected personalities longing to be a part of healthy relationship business with us which not only opens new window for several business sectors but also accelerates the expansion of enterprise in India.


Today in-spite of having a significant youth population India has a substantial number of entrepreneurs. Gallup studyof 20 economic entities in Asia reveals the poor condition of India's entrepreneurs ecosystem. The ministry of MSMEs(Micro, Small and Medium enterprises) estimates that the annual increment rate of the number of working MSMEs is 4.51% while that of number of people employed in the sector is 5.29%.

Above data is the reflection of poor curiosity, interest, responsibilities and willingness to take risk of entrepreneurs. according to a research made by youstory[dot]com entrepreneurs are currently the major source of technology innovation in India.