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ERP for Academic School | Edulin

ERP for Academic School

By schools, what we try to mean here is educational institute upto twelfth standard. We have researched and made a model of managing different kind of schools which will be applicable for all. The functioning, structure, hierarchy, thought process and direction is more or less in almost all such type of schools. We believe that the modules needed for these schools (such as admission, examination, fees, transport, Reports etc..) will also be similar to a great extent. It is important for the school owners/directors to focus more on the larger picture, i.e how their school in performing and how to improve the quality of their school education, rather than indulging in small factors/daily problems of the school. If one implements EDULIN, in its school, this software assures that all the daily problems will be automatically reduced and the directors/owners will feel empowered. Almost all the modules are important for such schools, depending upon the size and way of implementation. As EDULIN is 100% customizable, only the modules required by the institute will be implemented as per their need.