Why Edulin?

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Edulin Top Down Approach

What we are upto ⇛

To help in building a healthy EDUCATED society.For this initiative we are using technology along with smart work.
To achieve this target we need to give the best environments,oppurtunities and technologies to our students – where one can learn fast and have quality education.
We need to have good schools,colleges and universities with hitech technologies and management system to create an environment where teachers,staffs and students work together effectively.


Often schools,colleges or universties face many problems in maintaining their school profile, resource details, academic details and staff details.With thousands of students and hundreds of staffs, it is difficult to maintain an educational institute manually.For this we need an end to end solution which can manage the institutes and help the stakeholders to provide the best oppurtunity to the students.


We believe in a top down approach to achieve success in any field. If the educational institutes have good management system, it will pass on to good quality teachers and staffs which inturn will be passed on to have bright academic results of students. With better quality education and bright results, the educational institute will gain fame and will be at the top of the ladder.

Factors for School Management Software

Factors for School Management Software

Where we fit in ??

Edulin provides an end to end solution to all types of educational institutes (schools,colleges,universities etc..) to manage them in a much better way then they could have ever imagined of. Managing an institute is byfar the most important part in this whole cycle of work which ultimately leads to build a successful or disastrous institute. Edulin helps in managing your institiute in the best possible manner. The best part is everything will be in your control. You will be the administrator of every single thing and nothing can hide from you. Edulin is very easy to use and implement. Once implemented in your school you will feel empowered !!

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