Edulin : software as a service

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Software is prevalent in today’s business world, software applications help us in every field today, and even education sector has also been invaded with its need and efficiency to accomplish […]

Edulin: Unique Selling Point

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  As we already know EDULIN is a School Management software which focuses on the automation of schooling business by technologies and innovation. Which helps school in every aspects like […]

Teachers need of quality feedback

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In this advanced generation communication and feedback has become an significant factor contributing to learning and improvement for students as well as teachers. As proper look after is important for […]

Events: The Key Promotion Strategy

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Promoting schools was always been a necessary procedure in development of schools whether in terms of business or education. As we know schooling business is tough to be handled in […]

Social learning

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From the beginning times human being has learned to develop itself social, seeking and knowing from company of others, their views, opinions, wisdom and so on. So, there always an […]

Value Added Services

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The saying “nothing is for free” is not necessarily true especially when it comes to value added services you can offer to your customers. These services are the additional services […]

Building a Culture of Quality

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Mostly in education sector, quality was always a matter of perception to the parents. New technologies have empowered them with endless products around the globe. But in the running time […]

Steeping the Success Graph

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  Today every organization demands for inclusive growth, e.g. growth in revenue, quality, man power, technology, customer’s acquisition, infrastructure etc. For business schools, universities, research institutions it becomes more important […]

Transforming learning environment

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Innovation is crucial for continuing success in any organization. It not only brings changes to the business but also motivates the people engaged in it. Now, when it comes to education […]

Specialty planning & student development

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If we look back to long years ago, planning was similarly crucial as it is even today. Planning was always a significant and effective process in organizing, which will always […]